Top 5 Floral Inspirations

I fell in love with flowers all over again when I was supporting my college roommate and friend in a county pageant. Her family and friends had purchased various flower bouquets to express their support and love. After the pageant, the flowers were neglected on the kitchen counter and I found myself cutting the bouquets apart, trimming the ends of the stems to create height variations, and finishing the original arrangement off with a perfectly tied bow. Surprised, she grinned ear-to-ear. I knew right there and then, by her reaction and gratitude, I had found something I was passionate about.

I gain my inspiration from the following companies:

  1. Farmgirl Flowers (@farmgirlflowers): Farmgirl flowers are fresh, modern, and 100% American grown. They are true craftsmen as they create a wide selection of arrangements demonstrating sophistication and artful design. Uniquely providing burlap bouquets nation-wide.
  2. Freckle Farm (@frecklefarm): Emphasizing on plants in general, Freckle Farm, has a true art and understanding of farming. Nurturing flowers through connecting to mother nature and the beauty that lies around—if only one will recognize it.
  3. Floret Flower (@floretflower): A farm-florist who all started in remembrance of her grammy, Floret provides not only floral arrangements to their customers but specialized Floret Seeds.
  4. Local Roots Flower Farm (@localrootsflowerfarm): Native to my hometown, this little flower shop operates on ¼ acre micro farm providing specialty arrangements for big events.
  5. Salt & Flora (@saltandflora): Independently owned and operated, Salt & Floral is a floral diary providing modern, authentic, colorful arrangements.

Being inspirations for very different reasons whether it be their values, design, or business plan—I find joy as I read about their journey and how they came to love flowers.

*All companies can be found on Instagram at the corresponding tags.


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