Hoards of Fabric

What is a fabric stash?

A fabric stash is a collection of fabric whether it be yards or scraps from previous projects or from a fabric sale. Simply, it was purchased with the intent to be used in the future but it never gets used or is neglected until the perfect opportunity comes along for it to be added to a quilt to make it better or becomes a stable fabric.

So why have a fabric stash?

Saves Time

A fabric stash, believe it or not, saves time because you already know what you have and potentially what it could be used for. It is in the convenience of your own home and can be readily accessible when spontaneous creative spells happen.


Usually, adding to a fabric stash or starting one begins when fabric is cheap (less than $1.00 a yard). It also saves money over time because a stash is added to incrementally.


Although all stash fabric may not go together, color and texture, doesn’t mean it can’t be used for odd and end projects. There are endless possibilities of what can be achieved from a left over scrap of fabric. By having stable fabrics (solids, small prints, polka dots, and stripes) on hand in every color it is easy to know what you already have on hand.

Become a Collector

By not using the fabric immediately, it can be added to as finances permit. Also, there is a specific feeling associated to adding to the fabric stash that can’t be described. Commonly, most quilters will not express the magnitude of their stash, because it has become more of a hobby than an event. Unite with the community of seamstresses and become a collector.

Go-to Projects

Having a fabric stash allows the consistency of always having something to work on. Time may be difficult to dedicate, but it could become a-work-on-it-as-you-can project. Wanting to make a quilt today, you could easily pull enough stable fabrics out of the stash to make it work with adding little to no new fabric.

Finding seamstresses to share the hoard with

This is mainly based on the community you live in, but it could happen with anyone who has a stash. It is a physical transaction with a stranger, neighbor, or friend where trading of fabric takes place. Everyone collects something different, allowing for unique fabric choices to appear and be exchanged.

My Reality

Honestly, I have my own fabric stash. It is not large in size, but there are potential projects to be born. It is not stored on shelves, rather in a tote in my room. I purchase limited availability fabric, future quilt pieces, and staple color combinations. Personally, I do not store anything smaller than a yard because I have a limited amount of space. With this information I would suggest investing in:

  • Fabric you are in LOVE with
  • Enough yardage to make something useful
  • Buying stable fabric (solids, small prints, polka dots, and stripes)

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